280 E. Broad St Suite 100, Rochester, NY 14604


Branca Midtown


Branca Midtown is an homage to traditional Italian flavors with a fresh, modern approach. Located in the heart of downtown Rochester in the renovated Midtown Tower (now Tower 280), Branca Midtown has been at the heart of downtown's resurgence for nearly a decade.

The word “Branca” in Italian means “branch.”  At Branca Midtown, we are rooted in Italy's rich familial culture and cuisine. Our kitchen offers the highest-quality ingredients sourced meticulously to celebrate seasonal Italian cuisine. All our pasta, pizza dough, and fresh cheese are made by hand daily.  

The beverage program focuses on cocktails inspired by traditional classics with a clean and whimsical spin.  Our predominantly Italian wine list is thoughtfully curated and sure to please every palate.